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A modern garden design

This modern garden design illustrating what can be done with a small space. Many of our clients want a low maintenance garden, and a few of our more mature clients like raised beds to save them from bending.

The completed garden with early planting

The design we chose is not as contemporary as some, however it is as modern a  garden design as some of our clients would like to have,

Starting clearing the site

The site had previously housed a shed with decking surrounding it. The area was under some large overhanging trees in a neighbouring garden to the south; however it did get the afternoon sun when the sun moved to the west.

The hard impacted soil was of poor quality and the ground very uneven when the shed was moved. We made the decision to level the site and build raised beds with imported top soil for planting. 

Elements of a modern garden design

Cordara Iberian Oak quartzitic sandstone

The element in  a modern garden design can vary enormously. However we have gone with the theme of clean lines and modern materials.

The base of the site in this garden was paved with Cordara Iberian Oak quartzitic sandstone from Northern India and is designed to give the appearance of wood cut against the grain. Our supplier was MKM.

The panels and raised beds are built

The raised beds were built of Black Annstone walling and topped with Black Saddleback coping. We fenced the garden using square horizontal fence panels which look equally good from the back and the front. They were painted with Cuprinol Arabian sand.

The Ambiente water feature adds movement

To add movement to the garden we installed a 1.73 metre high brushed stainless steel  wall cascade by Ambiente. The water feature is self-contained and simple to install. It had its own internal lighting which is lovely to see at night.

Planting the garden

The raised beds were planted with a two colour palette. I would normally plant both beds in the same garden from the same or similar palette of colours. 

The yellow garden

This Caronilla is very striking and long flowering

In the north facing flower bed the colours are yellow and white. A Caronilla Citrina yellow climber was placed against the wall and this quickly spread and burst into spring flowers giving sunshine to an area that didn’t really get any. This will be followed over the summer with the blooms of a yellow climbing rose. Ligistrum Ovaliflorum, Achillea Taygetea and Knipholisa bee lemon (yellow red hot pokers!) continued the yellow theme. 

While Orlaya Grandiflora, Agapanthus Alba, Campanula powder puff and white Aquilegia bring white plants that will flower through the season. 

On the ground next to this raised bed we planted two Cupresus golden crest, once again bringing a feeling of sunshine all year round

The blue garden

Ceanothus in full flower

In the south facing raised bed we planted Ceanothus blue, an evergreen  climber which is always good value as a plant, even when its blue flowers are over. 

A blue clematis Alpina was also planted to carry on the theme.

The blue theme is continued with Salvia Nemorosa Cardonna which produces purple blue spiky flowers 50cm tall, during the summer months. Phlox paniculata blue evening is another tall blue plant which we planted at the back of the raised bed, with Agapanthus African blue. White flowers mirrored those in the yellow bed.

We added subtle lighting to add to the relaxing feeling of this easy maintenance modern garden design.

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