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Edinburgh garden design 


The brief for this Edinburgh garden design was to simplify the garden for the owners who no longer wanted grass and wanted a more 'cosy' feeling garden with a dining area

Edinburgh garden design - before the work

Existing view of the garden from the conservatory

This plot was 12 metres wide near the house narrowing to 7 metres wide at the far end of the garden. The garden was 14 metres long. The south facing garden had high beech hedges at the back boundary wall, a wall on the left hand side and fencing panels on the right hand side. Behind the wall at the bottom of the garden was a main road, however on the other side of the road there was tall mature trees which gave a very attractive framework.

View of the garden from the kitchen

There were two sets of steps rising from a crazy paved area (which was to remain) On the left in the foreground was the herb garden which we kept and improved.

existing view of the garden towards the house

Views from the house were from a kitchen window, conservatory and French doors from the sitting room. The garden access was also through the house and out the back door which created some logistical challenges.

This Edinburgh garden design involved the removal of the large lawn and some of the 120 conifers of various sizes, to create a garden with ’rooms’. The garden was to be low maintenance but still with interesting features.

The garden design divided the space into three. The back third of the garden had previously been used as a vegetable plot and the plan was to remove this and add a shed for storage. Getting the shed into place was an interesting project as the house had no external access so it was agreed with a neighbour for the shed parts to be taken through their access and lifted over the shared fence. 

View from above of the completed project

The other two thirds of the garden in this Edinburgh garden design were again divided into two with trellis. We planted climbers and the first one to quickly cover the structure was Clematis Montana Elizabeth. In the area nearest to the house the path divided around a central flower bed.

 A paved section was built nearest the house and a step placed at the arch to create a more level area as the garden sloped slightly toward the house. Hand landscaping materials were supplied by Thistle Building Supplies and plants from Binny Plants.

The raised area nearest the kitchen and conservatory. The clematis has taken hold.

A raised bed was built at the left hand side of the garden nearest the house; a water feature was placed in a mixed bed with a clear view from the conservatory. 

The new summer house.

On the right hand side a summer house was built with beds on either side. Once again we had to ask the neighbours for their help in getting the component parts over their fence.

The dining area 

In the middle area we built a stone circle for dining as this area got the evening sun. Existing mature planting was kept in this corner.

The striking water feature - which weighed a ton!

A brick circle was built as the base of a water feature and a stone sculpted water feature placed on top with a pump underneath.

We kept a few of the less invasive conifers but had to dig out a large number – always a challenge. 

A water feature which could be viewed from the conservatory and sitting room

During the Edinburgh garden design we used planting that was a mix of evergreen shrubs, herbaceous plants and annuals. We preserved as many of the existing shrubs as was feasible within the new design, especially around the border areas.

Lighting was added with spotlights highlighting water features, specific plants, and the statue of the lady at the back of the garden. Post lights were also placed at the arches.

This back third area was screened from the main garden by a trellis with arch covered with ivy. We decided to keep this as it gave character to the garden. We also paved part of the top area, added shrubs and a statue which could be seen through the arch. As this area was a sheltered sunny spot in the morning we added a seating area. A golden yellow Clematis Tibetana Tangutica quickly naturalised over the ivy.

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