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Formal garden design

We chose a formal garden design for this small space. This space gets very little sun as it is under trees from a neighbouring property. 

This small plot was designed to illustrate some of the design traits of a formal garden. We mirrored the planting on both sides of the garden and kept to a simple colour palette of green and white.

With the low level of maintenance required this garden can look impressive with very little effort. This style of garden can work equally well on a much larger project.

The completed formal garden design

This style is similar to what can be achieved with a lower courtyard garden as there is no need for any planting into the ground.

The boundary walls were covered with simple lap fencing painted with Cuprinol sage green. 

We laid artificial grass over a sand and membrane base. Artificial grass is much easier to maintain than normal grass, with an occasional brush or hose down. We chose Skye as it’s not as bright green as some of the options which can look artificial. Some of the better quality artificial grasses can look remarkably realistic.

On either side of the grass we laid membrane and mellow Cotswold stone gravel borders.  White tubs, both of wood and stone were placed on either side of the grass, mirroring each other. They were planted up with box shaped as pyramids and large balls. 

The tall balls of box had been in another part of the garden and were ten years old. Sadly they had become pot bound and had also become home to nesting birds so we didn't want to disturb them. The plants had begun to look poorly despite being fed with liquid seaweed. Their move into this garden is a last ditch attempt to see if they will survive or have to be replaced, which would be a shame and costly.

At the far end of the garden we erected an English rose metal arch in white, from www.ukgardenproducts.co.uk. Under the arch we placed a plinth and statue of a lady; again both the stone plinth and the lady were white. This combination made a striking contrast to the dark green walls for our formal garden design.

We added hidden lighting which reflects on the lady and the tall plants creating an elegant atmosphere after dark.

White clematis montana sericea spoonerii.

We planted white climbing roses, Iceberg, and a white clematis montana sericea spoonerii, up both sides of the arch. The clematis has such stunning flowers that we have had visitors who have questioned whether they are actually real or artificial.

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