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Garden design in Colinton Edinburgh


The brief for this garden design in Colinton Edinburgh was to create a low maintenance but striking front garden with the wow factor, while giving privacy to the rooms at the front of the house.

The original garden

The existing garden towards the house

This north facing front garden was 8 metres wide by 8 metres deep. Datum level from front of house to pavement was 48 centimetres. The kitchen window and sitting room window both looked out to the front garden but because of the drop there was nothing to see as the garden was all lower down. There were some paving slabs and stone chippings on the top area which we agreed to keep. 

The existing garden towards the street

On the right hand boundary was a metal wire fence and on the left hand side a driveway to the garage. The garden already had a raised bed; however the lowest area near the pavement was stone chippings level with the pavement and was used by dogs as a toilet stop. Planting in the raised bed had been mostly bedding plants, but not very enthusiastically done.

Beginning the new garden design in Colinton Edinburgh

The building works begin - laying out the path and starting the bamboo fencing.

The garden design in Colinton, Edinburgh was for the garden to be divided into two areas, one near the house with bamboo double skin fencing two metres high to give privacy to the front rooms of the house, and the lower area which was raised beds on both sides of the path. A wider path, 120 cm with six curved steps was constructed. 

  Installing fencing

Along the right hand wall we put up lap fencing to give a more visible boundary with the neighbouring house. Posts were built to hold the bamboo screening.

Construction continues

A 50cm wall was built along the front boundary of the property and along the bottom half of the stairs. This was rendered and painted white. Our supplier of building materials was MKM Edinburgh

The first planting 

The newly built raised beds were infilled with hardcore. the stone circle was built and a flowering cherry planted in the middle.

The finished garden design in Colinton Edinburgh

The completed garden - top area

On the top area nearest to the house we put in a statue on a plinth and stone bench with a tree in a pot behind it. A clematis was planted to screen the fencing. On the left hand top area we kept an existing Japanese Quince and planted a weeping willow. Plants mainly from Kevock Nurseries.

Buxus in pots were placed at either side of the front door and two tubs with annual planting were situated at the top of the steps.

The completed garden with water feature

In the left hand area nearest to the pavement we sunk a water trap and installed a water feature with an internal light. We reused some of the slabs  and added a membrane and new chippings to cover the ground and keep it weed free. In the four corners we cut away a planting corner edged with brick pavers matching the finish on the top of the walls. We planted evergreen shrubs including a Fatsia Japonica, Acer, Oenothera and Phormium.

The right hand area furthest from the house had a stone circle installed with the centre removed. A weeping cherry tree was planted. Once again the four corners were utilised with a Choisya  Ternate  Sundance, Azalea,  Phormium and Magnolia.

Lighting in the completed garden

Spot lights were placed to light up the statue and willow in the top half of the garden giving some interest from the windows, and on the weeping cherry tree in the lower half. Post lights were also placed on both sides of the path.

The project was completed in 3 months from initial idea. The garden design in Colinton Edinburgh was very successful in fulfilling the brief.

Suppliers:MKM, Kevock Nurseries

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