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Garden ideas for easy care gardens

The brief was to come up with garden ideas for easy care gardens in Giffnock, Glasgow. The clients, a working young couple gave us their brief for ‘a low maintenance back garden with some flowers and somewhere to sit in the evening.’


The garden before

The unloved back garden looking towards the back lane.

The existing garden needed upgrading. There was a poorly maintained lawn and a concrete paved area at the lower end of the garden beside the garage. The garden was south west facing. At 5 metres wide by 8 metres long this was a compact space. Low fences divided this terraced 1939’s house from its neighbours and 180cm fence at the bottom of the garden beside the back gate. The house could be viewed from the sitting room and the access to the garden was though the kitchen door. There was also a back lane with access through a gate.

The grass beside the house.

The client wanted to remove the grass and create a comfortable sitting area. The clients had a very tight budget.The budget was limited to £1000 including design and construction work. Planting was going to be staged as funds allowed. (1995) prices.

Garden ideas for easy care gardens - after.

A quick transformation - 3 months later

We came up with garden ideas for easy care gardens and the clients were happy to go with the simple design of paving a seating area with the shelter of the garage access door and the fence. 

The planting is beginning to give colour.

A path was laid to the back lane and the other areas were prepared for planting. The garage was also repainted along with the fencing. We kept a couple of established shrubs near the house to give height and shape.

The simple use of colour bringing the garden to life.

A planting plan was then requested at an additional cost and  while we bought some of the plants (from Craigmarloch nursery) the clients also began buying plants to fill the space.

A sunny sitting area.

We agreed that using bedding and seeds was an economical way to fill the space until more money was available.

Easy access though the gate to the back lane.

However some evergreen shrubs  and herbaceous plants were purchased to give shape and definition to the areas, even in the first winter.

The clients were very happy with our garden ideas for easy care gardens.

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