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        Garden landscaping - front garden in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire.

 While living in Marlow, we designed a number of gardens in the south east of England.

We were invited in to undertake garden landscaping for a front garden in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire.

The client, a single lady, wanted to change the frontage of her 1960’s terraced house. The front of her property measured 4.75 metres wide by 4.5 metres deep. The datum point from the front door of the house to the pavement was 1.2 metres. The kitchen window looked out onto the front garden which was west facing.

The existing steps at the end of the terrace with shared access with her neighbour.

The outlook from the kitchen window before the garden landscaping took place.

The existing front garden consisted of a sloping lawn. Access to her property was by a tired set of steps at the end of the row of houses which she shared with her neighbour. The client wanted a new access directly to her front door. She also wanted to remove the grass as it dried out in summer and ‘just looked a brown dusty mess’.  She also wanted to incorporate a storage area for the bins by the front door, preferably hidden. She wanted the garden to look smart but not be too much work to maintain

View from the house when the garden landscaping was completed.

In our plan we designed a set of wide red brick steps in keeping with the red brick frontage of the property. The steps flowed from left to right rather than straight up from the house to the pavement, creating an impression of more space,

On either side of the path we planned a rockery on the free draining soil. We produced a planting plan after consultation with the client. We including alpines and spring bulbs and the new layout enhanced the existing well established magnolia tree.

The magnolia tree in full bloom as the garden is completed. Bins hidden by front door.

A paved area was laid outside the front of the property incorporating a new drainage system. 

In front of the kitchen window, below eye level, we built a trellis fence with a flower bed in front. This was planted with clematis and evergreen climbers with bedding plants in front which would give all year round colour. Behind the trellis the bins were hidden from view.

We designed lighting for the side of the steps.

At the client’s request we obtained quotes from contractors for the work and monitored the garden landscapeing project on behalf of the client.

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