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Landscape Garden Designers Edinburgh Services

As Garden Designers here in Edinburgh we can help you turn your ideas for your garden into an achievable plan Or, if you have no idea what you want, we can help with suggestions based on what you would like your garden to do for you.

We are always happy to talk on the phone about your garden ideas and receive photographs before any visit.

Garden Designers Edinburgh services cover every aspect of garden design.

One-off consultation 

If you have never been through the design process before, this is an ideal introduction.  The outcome of the consultation is assessed at the end of the two-hour period, and the need to take any aspect further is discussed with you and we will then decide on a way forward.  

Prior to the meeting we are happy to talk on the phone about your garden ideas and receive photographs before any visit.

One-off consultation can including any of the following:

  • discussion about changing the layout
  • what materials to use to improve your garden
  • suggestions on how to create rooms
  • how to resolve mobility issues in the garden
  • how to screen your unsightly bins
  • ideas for privacy screening from neighbours (without using conifers) 
  • how to work with awkward levels
  • dealing with a problem area
  • adding a new feature
  • general advice about layout with a rough sketch plan
  • suggesting ideas on how to create more colour, or seasonal interest.
  • where to start and how to go about the redesign
  • redesign a bit at a time – create a new garden over time, and when money allows.
  • planting suggestions
  • The non-surgical face lift

Larger gardens may require a little more time, which can be bought pro-rata as required. 

Garden Designers Edinburgh services' consultation time can be used to provide ideas and will not include a detailed design, but could be used to form the basis of a comprehensive design where we develop the "brief".

There is a limit to what can be achieved in two to three hours, so if you have a particularly large plot/garden then this will require additional time.

Stage building

You may decide to construct your new garden in stages. We can help you plan the best way to do this, so that you can enjoy your garden as it develops over time. This would be charged at our hourly rate. 

Full Garden Design Service
– how it works

We produce fully detailed plans for a new design, making it easy for you, or a contractor, to create a new garden. Or develop plans for amending parts of your existing garden to make the garden work better for you.

If you want to build a new garden or redesign an existing one, we can provide the following services:

1.Initial meeting 

Discuss your vision for your new garden, or changes you want to make to an existing garden.

Complete a comprehensive questionnaire.

Create a design brief to capture the ideas discussed.

Discuss the design process.

Show you a portfolio of our work.

2. After first meeting

We will write to you confirming the brief, our design fee, and terms of engagement.

The design fee will vary depending on factors such as the size, location and complexity of the site, 

3. Survey

Once you have approved the brief and fee in writing, we will arrange to do a full survey of the garden. This involves taking accurate measurements, changes of levels, problem areas and existing features and view that you wish to enhance or hide.

For a small garden this is something we will do ourselves. However if the garden is very large or complex we might need to recommend the services of specialists, including structural engineers or land surveyors. Their fee is payable directly by you.

4 Outline plan

Once the survey has been completed we will draw up an outline plan. This will show the new layout including all features discussed. The plan will indicate the materials to be used in construction.

The outline plan will include drawings which will help you visualise the finished design.

The plans will be discussed with you at a second meeting, or if this is a long distance commission, by telephone or Skype. The second meeting is usually about one month after the first, depending on schedules.

At this stage we can discuss any changes you might want to make, and we will answer any questions you may have.

5. Construction plans

Once you are happy with the finalised plans we can draw up the detailed drawing, along with any construction drawings required and if requested, a scope of work for your contractors.

6 Amendments to plans

We realise that sometimes, after reflection, you may want to make changes to the finalised plans. If the changes are minor we are more than happy to make minor amendments to the plan within the original fee. However, if you have a major change of mind, or if there are unexpected circumstances for which I couldn’t plan, then we will charge the usual hourly rate for amendments.

Additional services from Lifestyle Garden Design

Contract resourcing

While some clients plan to do the work themselves, others want to work with a contractor. You may have a contractor in mind and are happy to liaise with them directly. However, if this is not the case, then we can help you find someone to build your garden for you.

We can help by putting the work out to tender on your behalf asking for tenders from 2-3 contractors. As we are completely independent from the contractor we can act in an unbiased way on your behalf.

Project Monitoring

We are happy to take on a project monitoring role, liaising with the contractors to ensure the project works smoothly. This frees you from the need to be on hand daily and ensures that the plan is being followed.

A planting plan 

The final outline plan will indicate the style of planting required, and you can then make your own decisions about what plants you want to have. However, if you would like a detailed plant schedule listing all plants by type, then there would be an additional fee based on the original hourly rate. 

Take a look at our Portfolio of gardens on that link. 

For more information contact us:

email: lifestylegardendesign@mail.com

Telephone: 07768 586383

2/1 West Grange Gardens, Edinburgh, EH9 2JB

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