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Landscaping ideas

Below is some of the work we have done designing different styles of garden

Five garden styles

The mediterranean Garden 

A Japanese inspired garden

A modern garden design - simple lines and easy maintenance

A formal garden design - everything balanced

The cottage garden - a relaxing space in traditional style

We have used different materials for ground cover, fencing options, planting and lighting. All are low maintenance gardens, something that our clients most often ask for.

Using different styles of panel

Pathway between two gardens

The path leading to these gardens illustrates use of trellis and colour on one side and Venetian panel fencing, with hidden lighting, on the other. The Venetian fence panels came from Forestcraft.

Making the most of entrances

The metal arch to an upper garden level

At the top of the path there is a metal arch with a gate before you enter the upper area of the garden. Climbing plants have been planted to grow up the arch and will soften the outline over time. When thinking about landscaping ideas consider the the use of gates and different styles of entrance to areas of the garden to create a change of scene.

Using illusion mirrors

The mirror reflects a part of the modern garden 

To illustrate our landscaping ideas we have also used accessories which help to emphasise the differing styles of garden. We have used these accessories the same way that you would when decorating a house, it’s the finishing touches that give it its individual character.

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