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Low maintenance garden design

The brief for this small back garden in Mannofield, Aberdeen was to create  a low maintenance garden design. 

The client, an older lady, wanted us to change her existing back garden which had a sloping lawn that was difficult to cut. She wanted some raised beds and a defined path to the back gate as there was no official path just a track across the grass.

There was also a rose border with very old rose trees which were very woody and no longer producing many flowers. Reluctantly she agreed to replace the rose trees.

Unfortunately the pre-digital 'before' photographs have been lost.

The construction work is completed and raised beds planted with the client's choice of planting.

The east facing garden, five metres wide by seven metres long, sloped slightly towards the house. At the back of the garden there was a gate to a lane. Existing features, which we kept, were mature espalier apple trees on the south facing brick wall and a birch tree and conifer at the bottom of the garden. The walls on both sides of the garden kept the garden sheltered from the wind.

A dwarf wall was built which swept around and enclosed a seating area near the south facing wall just outside the French window. A new path was created leading to the back gate.  This low maintenance garden design featured hard landscaping and smaller areas of planting. It included a step up from the area nearest to the house, to create interest and make the  upper area less sloping. 

The main beds are filling out. The colour theme is yellow and blue.

The garden was viewed from the kitchen and French windows from the sitting room. Access was by a back door. The client wanted a pleasant view from both rooms.

We worked with her to produce a low maintenance garden design.The area nearest to the house was rebuilt to allow for a natural slope to the existing drainage as previously the fall had meant that water ran towards the house and sat against the house wall after heavy rain.

New colours are added by the client.

The client requested mixed planting and after consultation we prepared a planting plan. The resulting planting was a combination of the client’s ideas and our suggestions. Plants were bought from Swailend and Ben Reid nurseries.

We returned to see the garden over a period of 12 months and the client was delighted to report that she was finding gardening so much more pleasant and less strenuous with out low maintenance garden design.

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