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Low maintenance garden

Our client, who had recently retired, wanted us to design a low maintenance garden. It was presently mainly laid to lawn. One restriction was that she wanted the shed to remain where it was and be integrated into the design of the garden.

The existing garden

One of the major issues was access, which is quite often a problem, as there was no direct access from the front of the house to the back. Fortunately the neighbour who did have driveway access allowed the workmen to use their driveway and take materials through their garden. 

The low maintenance garden on completion

We discussed dividing the garden into different areas. Keeping the shed in the same location led to the decision to divide the garden at this point.

We used trellis to divide the two areas of garden - nearest the house and furthest away. This gave a feeling of space and light. A brick path was built through to the back of the garden and an arch used to divide the area.As this was required to be a low maintenance garden artificial grass was used as the client didn't want to have to cut grass. A small water feature was added in the corner of the grass, and the client added her own personal touches.

The gate was later added by the client as she then got a puppy and wanted to prevent him from entering the back area of the garden.

A brick patio was built near the house and raised beds were built. The client did her own planting, as at the time there was no budget for plants.

We divided the existing patio area from the new grass by building a picket fence and gate.

In front of the shed we fixed an illusion mirror to reduce the impact of the shed and give the illusion of another entrance to the further part of the garden.

Post lights were installed to give night time illumination.

Raised beds were build around the existing patio where it backed on to the neighbouring garden. Spot lighting was also provided.

In the area furthest from the house gravel was laid, keeping to the theme of a low maintenance.The path lead to a small patio by the back wall with a pergola over. The majority of the lighting was mains powered, however the client added some solar lighting to illuminate the back path.

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