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Designing a Mediterranean garden

One of the gardens we have designed is a Mediterranean garden. This style of garden might suit you if you want to:

  • Creating the warmth of a Mediterranean garden - even is Scotland
  • A low maintenance garden
  • A basement garden
  • A roof garden
  • In a dark area to give a feeling of warmth and light

The completed graden

This garden illustrates some of the principles of using paving, lighting and planting to create the effect of a Mediterranean style garden.


The ground was paved with mellow terracotta tiles of different sizes. The supplier was thistle building supplies. The walls were painted with Cuprinol Shades Coral Splash. This is quite a strong colour and although when designing the garden it looked good we were very pleased, and relieved, to find that the end result worked successfully, even in such a northerly climate

Planting around the tree

The existing Hawthorne tree was kept and a brick edging divided it from the terracotta paving. The Area around the Hawthorne tree was planted up with Pachysandra Terminalis which is evergreen and provides good ground cover. We also planted grasses.

The roof made from terracotta pantiles

The height of the garden wall at one side was lower than the area above and we bridged the gap by using Metrotile traditional Terracotta Pantiles. these were supplied by roofing superstore. The tiles also adds to the feeling of a warm Mediterranean garden. We also added mirror windows which also created the mood of a Mediterranean garden.

Controlled bamboo and pot planting

To add to the effect of the Mediterranean style garden we planted up blue pots with Fatsia and Bamboo Fargesia Rufa.This bamboo is one of the smaller varieties and unless I am designing a very large garden I would always suggest care be taken when planting bamboo as it can grow to a great height and have roots that spread quite some distance. As there is a fashion for bamboo at the moment I fear it could become the new garden menace, taking over from Leylandii,  with its invasive habit.

The entrance arch into the Mediterranean style garden gives the impression of changing mood from the surrounding area. A water feature gently ripples away and encourages birds. We have sat quietly nearby and watched everything from finches and blackbirds to big fat pigeons splashing enthusiastically. And the squirrel who leapt up into it not realising there was water there. He was not impressed! 

Mediterranean style light

I like to add illusion to a garden and in this instance we put up a mirror framed as a window with shutters. This was placed between two wall lamps. 

The mood changes when the lights go on

Lighting in a garden makes such a difference to how the garden space is used. In addition to the two wall lights and an integrated light in the centre of the water feature, we added spot lights hidden behind plants and pots to illuminate the wonderful shapes and styles of the plants.

This Mediterranean garden is low maintenance and will have interest all year round. 

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