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Patio garden design 

We were asked by a developer to provide garden plans for a patio garden design behind a lower Victorian conversion in Croydon, London.

The property had been bought by a developer who wanted to do it up and resell quickly.

Lower area of patio garden - a tangle of overgrowth.

The garden was five metre wide by six metres long and faced south west. The garden was overlooked by the upper flat and houses backing onto the property but the neighbouring houses were some distance away 

The back door from the flat led out into the garden but there were no windows looking out over the garden. The area was divided into two sections with three metres near the house then two steps down to the lower area. The two sections were divided by overgrown ivy on an old trellis fence. Large trees from the neighbouring gardens also overshadowed the house and garden. Also the neighbour’s rambling planting was pushing though the side fencing.

On the left hand side of the garden was a path giving access to a rear garden belonging to the upstairs tenant.

The garden was overgrown with ivy and neighbours rambling planting.

The brief was to clear the small overgrown back garden which had been used as a loo for the previous owners two large dogs. The developer wanted a simple clean garden suitable for sitting and relaxing in after a day's work in London. We worked on a plan for the patio garden design which the client was happy with.

A sorry sight.

The first job was to clear the area, removing the ivy and old fencing and cutting back the trees that impinged on the garden. Removing the ivy was quite a hard job as it had grown through the flagstones. The overhanging planting was pruned back to a manageable level.

The new patio garden design

The quick transformation - and a very full skip.

The lower level had been made up of trampled earth and we arranged for this area to be paved and a small water feature, with lighting, installed. 

The area of the garden nearer the house had been paved and was in good condition although dirty. Power washing brought it back to an acceptable standard. The old trellis was replaced by new and climbing plants planted. While cutting back the neighbours overhanging bushes we did find a couple of lovely climbing roses which we encouraged to intrude into the patio garden.

Once all the ivy and overhanding foliage had been removed we found we had a sheltered light and sunny garden.

The client supplied garden furniture to complete the transformation.

We were given a turnaround time of 3 weeks and a budget of £2000  to complete the change and have the property ready to go back onto the open market. We finished 2 days ahead of schedule. (2003)

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