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Redesigning an overgrown garden 

The brief was to suggest ways of redesigning an overgrown garden in Newlands, Glasgow.

The clients, a couple with teenage children, wanted us to suggest how we could redesign an overgrown garden. They wanted to clear the existing garden and replant.

 They wanted a mix of low maintenance planting, some evergreens and annuals for colour. We were asked to redefine the areas and reshape using original stones from other parts of the garden. 

The front garden after work was completed.

The one third of an acre garden wrapped around the house and had been allowed to become neglected by the previous owners. It was made up of lawns to the front and back and rockeries at the sides.

We redesigned the front garden by using old bricks to create a new retaining wall on either side of the existing steps. Existing roses were pruned and the ground fed to give it new life. Pots of geraniums and aubretia added summer colour. 

Ferns and bluebells in full rampant flower.

There were two existing large rockeries, one at each side of the driveway which were completely overgrown with fern and bluebells which were choking everything else. This was the hardest job while redesigning an overgrown garden.

Our team spent several days clearing out the area. The roots of the bluebells were everywhere and it was necessary to try to pull out every tiny white piece of root or it would begin growing again. This is a problem with bluebells unless they are planted in a large wild area where they can be allowed to naturalise, however in a small town garden they can take over. 

New look after redesigning an overgrown garden.

A greatly improved border after some very hard work.

We discussed ideas for planting with the clients and they had strong preference for using the rockery area more as a raised bed with more height and interest.

Pieres power. A beautiful display.

At the back of the house there was a grass area sloping down to a small wall. The clients found the slope awkward and difficult to mow. We cut away the sloping area, installed plum and apple trees into the lawn and planted a bed of Pieres and the peaty lime fee soil worked well for this plant. (this photo was taken two years after the planting had been completed.)

Dull and uninteresting sun trap.

The area beside the garage was a sun trap in the afternoon and evening and the client wanted it brightened up with annuals and a seat put in.

Full of colour and life, the perfect sheltered seating area.

This area was reinvigorated with annuals and bedding plants and became a favourite area for sitting and relaxing.

The work was done in part by contractors and the clients also did some of the planting. Planting suppliers Mclarens Nursery.

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